Leadership in a small business





Most commentators on Leadership talk about leadership as though it can only occur in the context of large organisations but what happens when you are working with other person or indeed on your own? Do you still need to lead or can you just let things wash over you?

Leadership is a state of being rather than a position and first and foremost it is about personal standards and expectations. When you are leading a team it is easy to see how creating a vision, setting the path and winning hearts and minds is important but on your own it is also easy to think these things dont matter as much.

I would argue that they do matter and that they are as much a part of finding your niche and creating a dream for yourself which is about passion and commitment as at any other time.

Small business leaders have a different set of rules to follow but they need to truly understand where they are headed, what their goals are and their ultimate aspirations. Running a small business takes focus and courage particularly in the current economic climate and both of those are leadership qualities.

This blog has outlined ways to create goals which work and a vision which matters and leading your self and a few others is the next step. As many companies have just sorted their accounts and checked up on their financial health this is a good time to start thinking about how this next financial year will shape up.

Self discipline is a must for a small business leader and vigilance in creating opportunities and making meaningful connections and relationships is another real leadership quality. Our blog this week on being a connector is a case in point. A leader connects they dont follow the linear pattern of networking but they are points in a myriad of relationships which are beneficial on a number of levels.

So take some time to consider this month how you lead both yourself and/or a few employees and what style and culture you instil in your company. Have you created a place you always wanted to inhabit when you built your business or are there things you would like to change? If you are the leader go ahead and change them.