Sparkly, Twinkly and Glittery

We have blogged before about the great work that the SAMS team do at the Energy Zone in Blackburn.

Today I am asking for more help from the business community and as a start have a look a the picture below.

 It looks nothing but it could be anything. The team at Sams know how to work with this kind of waste material and turn it into something lovely with children from the local area at craft evenings and clubs, at events and for schools. When you visit the Energy Zone you not only can choose to join up and get materials for crafts but you can get advice on what to use things for from the friendly and helpful staff.

The kinds of things which happen at the Energy Zone can be diverse as cooking, knitting, painting and growing and planting. There are sessions on many days of the week for many different client types. On a Wednesday we have started a new event aimed at the elderly, carers and people with special needs from 11.00 – 13.00.the week is busy and varied with sessions for Kids on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. These sessions support the local people in a huge variety of ways, from healthy living to meeting new people and friends.

For businesses which are involved by donating scrap materials it can form part of the triple bottom line which can be an elusive but worthwhile part of corporate social responsibility. Some companies call it People, Planet and Profit. Donating to the scrap scheme is part of the people and planet part of the business. In the current economic climate it can be easy to cut corners and concentrate solely on the profit side of things but the others matter too and SAMS is one way of doing something which really helps local people and also gets rid of scrap material for your business in an ecologically sound way.

So here is what those three cones made with a little imagination and some fabulous material donated from local business.

If you want to donate contact the team on 01254 291276 we will be thrilled to take your waste from you particularly if it is glittery, sparkly or twinkly.