The Background

Alan started DTPC in 2009 with the vision of offering clients an independent traffic, transport and highway consultancy with Director level inputs to all stages by adopting a 'hands-on' approach to the work. From his office in Rossendale, Alan supported this offer with his sound technical knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment.

Alan's previous experience at Board Director level enabled business planning and financial matters to be discussed with peers to ensure informed decisions were made. As a sole trader he felt there was a lack of a peer group to consider risks and strategy and this made him feel that the business was not as solid as it could be. Having a sounding board to test and discuss the business plan was critical to early success and ensuring the business was robust. Also, obtaining work opportunities required a marketing strategy to focus time appropriately between project delivery and project winning.

The Action

Alan felt that providing an experienced mentor was key to allow debate around the set up and consideration of business and personal deliverables and Mike Reece was allocated as he had the appropriate level of expertise. Additionally through the mentoring process, he was also able to create a mentoring cohort to provide mutual support/discussion outside of the one to one process. Alan felt that this informal self help group was a positive step as it enabled all members to ask questions and provide support to each other as part of the mentoring programme. Mike assisted Alan in his own development around all business growth aspects and continues to do so (even though the programme is finished). The trust between them has developed into a legacy of support.

Early Results

DTPC doubled its turnover in its second year and is projected to achieve another 50% growth in its third year. Alan's contact database is now more focussed on small to medium size businesses outside the Manchester City demographic i.e. live and work in the same area and become part of the local business sector (Lancashire). Supportive skill sets that are needed to deliver a complete service have been sourced and strong working relationships established to ensure that the support is timely and cost effective. The feeling of isolation has been reduced by the mentoring process, joining local and regional business networks, face to face meetings with contacts and use of the Linked In.

Update – Jan 2013

DTPC from a strong base in its second year was projected to achieve another 50% growth in 2011 its third year, this was achieved in part with a 30% increase.  Now having completed its fourth year in 2012 the company has continued to grow with a 44% increase based on a high level of repeat business and referrals from clients and co consultants.

This has been achieved by working with like minded associates who provide sub consultant support enabling them to establish their own businesses and grow themselves.