Scan Capture

The Background

Steve started Scan Capture with very modest premises, and an idea to try to work out what clients need from a data processing company and how to provide it!  He quickly discovered that this didn’t really exist and found a gap in the market.  The existing options were either too expensive or too rigid and they did not completely address the whole picture.  Steve found that there was a need for an outsourcing data processing company to provide a flexible cheaper full service where clients could pick and choose elements of a survey project from a whole range of services and solutions.

The company began to grow however Steve then felt that he personally had reached a ceiling; he didn’t know how to progress to achieve his goal.  He wanted to expand, move to new premises, and be able to offer a greater service and product to his clients.

The Action

Ian Nugent a CBP mentor was introduced to Steve in 2009 through the NWDA Business Mentoring programme and they immediately made a connection.  Ian supported and focussed Steve and shared his knowledge and this enabled Steve to put new systems and procedures in place to improve working and business practice.

Steve is now more confident in general and he has found that the most significant change Ian has been able to support him with is how to manage his staff more effectively, therefore making them all accountable for their actions.

2010 Results  

Scan Capture has now moved into bigger and better premises in Rishton, which is in an excellent location on a main crossroads with good advertising space. This building now reflects the new professional image of Scan Capture. Steve has employed 4 new temporary staff for specific roles to help out with the added demand. The company’s turnover has been consistent; however he has projected that this will now rise rapidly.

Update - 2013

Improving turnover year on year was one of their most significant achievements in 2012 -something they are extremely proud of in this unstable economic climate and this has been a 10% rise each year. At a time when many of their rivals are scaling back their operations, Scan Capture continues to grow and have not increased relative costs. They have taken on an additional 3 staff also.

They are also proud that after years’ of campaigning about staff engagement and its importance within businesses that the government, in line with the involvement of David Cameron has launched its campaign “Engage for Success”, and Steve has been recognised and selected to be the Employee Engagement Guru for Lancashire.  Steve will now use his years of campaigning and experience to drive this important and crucial initiative throughout the county and beyond.

The launch of Scan Capture’s new website and new corporate branding is a further significant achievement.  Steve continues to invest in Scan Capture by receiving further training and development.  2012 has seen them reach the milestone of 1 million scanned documents and helping companies to be more environmentally friendly by becoming paperless.

Steve says

“This programme has made my working life a lot easier and I feel I am more confident to try new things. We have tried email marketing which has generated a lot of leads, before I wouldn’t have tried this. My Mentor told me I am doing things right, and that I’m not alone. I would recommend this service to anyone from small business owners to CEO’s and MD’s; it is a real eye opener!”