Class Of Your Own

Class Of Your Own - Case Study

The Background

Founded in 2009, Class of Your Own gives school students a practical insight into the construction industry by allowing them to take control of their own sustainable building projects. It is the brainchild of land surveyor Alison Watson and allows children and students to adopt roles of construction industry professionals and get involved with every aspect from design through to marketing of building projects.

The Action

Alison has benefited from the support from her Guardian Angel mentor Greg Marshall, who has a wealth of sales and marketing experience. Almost from day one Alison’s business has attracted a great deal of interest from a variety of stakeholders and partners in a short space of time and Greg has proved to be a useful sounding board as Alison has plotted Class of Your Owns strategy. She now believes she is now ready to take the business to the next level.

The Results

Thanks to Alison’s vision and drive Class of Your Own is thriving. It got off to a flying start with the first project at Accrington Academy and now has a number of others in Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Sheffield. It also has a number of key partners already on board and in 2009 Class of Your Own won the Lancashire Business Environment Award. From a personal perspective Alison believes her own confidence has improved massively – and says that her Guardian mentor Greg is in part responsible for this development.

She Say's

"Greg is a great sounding board. He has encouraged me to believe in myself and that I can achieve what, at the time, might seem impossible. I’ve made contact with some extremely high level people to gain support for what we at Class Of Your Own are trying to achieve for young people, and Greg has helped me discover the tools I need to unlock the business’ potential. We now have some great projects in the pipeline and an award on the mantelpiece."